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Cafe le Bizarre

Cafe le Bizarre (2008)

What I See
I Was a Hippie
The World of Purple
Swim Out My Eyes
A Big Joint
Magic and Art
One-hitter Bait
Wolf (The Power Within)
Unclearly Think
Dare to Be
Dark Hippie
Verse: Literary Composition Possessing Rhythm
Purple Kiss
Purple Leif
So Shall I Be?!
Some of You Girls See the Darkness in My Eyes
Reality Was Dead
Wizard Undress You!
Feel the Fucking Rel-pup
To: Madness
My Violet Eyes and Disco Fever
When I Was in My Prime
Deep Within Purple
My Mind
The Color of Confusion
The Poet Laureate le Bizarre

Leif Purple - vocals
Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, percussion, keyboard, banjo, kazoo, voice, general noise
Tarina Joy Love - voice
Jake Lawson - guitar
Jake Peters - drums

Recorded April 1998 - May 2008

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