That One Band

POEM (1:11)
lyrics: Leif Purple
music: Josh Spurling

Blueberries fly in your windy eye
And rocks bloom from your feather
I think I'm ill from all this weather
Pretty girls whine in the blink of the sky
Little tramp but really fine!
Sunshine shines, that's what it does.

Now buzz and buzz with me
Now dance your hips and dream with me
Mushrooms sprout when?
When echoes shout, winter warms
those backward folk
Purple cows cry, man this ain't no joke!

Crawdaddy's plan, Stimpson J. Cat
Thinks like a man, Village People eat
village spam. I spoke and I've spoken
This is ain't no joke man! Say it. Breathe it.
Can you feel it? Poem.

Leif Purple - vocals
Josh Spurling - guitar, drums, percussion, keyboard

Recorded April 1998 - December 2006

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