That One Band

TO: MADNESS (1:42)
lyrics: Leif Purple
music: Josh Spurling

Angered by charity
and pity
and a million
other things

Twisting the
shapes of madness
purple in my dreams

Baby against me
and all now
lose my trust.

Most will win
it back one day
but for now just
stay away

Tripping to the park
on paranoia
Violence shows
its presence

Smoke of earth
Forget it all

There's happiness
in my misery
How can this be?

But the water talks
and whispers things
Bugs buzz by
and the trees do sing

Mud is thick
Still I press on
Trudge through
pollution of nature's

Ugliness is remembered
and is all around
Madness takes its toll
again. My bitch is now
a fiend

The sky, the hills.
My mindless screams
As I bark at a moon full
of madness

Leif Purple - vocals
Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums

Recorded April 1998 - November 2006

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