That One Band

lyrics: Leif Purple
music: Josh Spurling, Jake Peters

Oh how weak I am, but don't rock gut make me a man?
While mad laughter hides, deep in the folds and creases of Purple
Just because it walks like a duck and talks like a duck don't mean
it's a duck you fuck, if you don't suck you're gonna lose!
And the search will continue
while mad laughter echoes in the wonderful, beautiful, depths of Purple

Lie no more I'm just a whore, but still I love, still I breath, I'll always hurt
Etched in stone question marks that are purple, mad laughter hides
and the truth is unclear!
Somewhere in time or space you'll find it only when I give it.
An evil guy am I? So for now I'll just hide it in membranes,
atoms, molecules, and memories

Leif Purple - vocals
Jake Peters - drums
Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, banjo, kazoo, voice

Recorded April 1998 - November 2007

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