That One Band

MY MIND (2:33)
lyrics: Leif Purple
music: Josh Spurling, Jake Peters

Even as I drink
Truth serum
I lie so well
Or better yet
I weave the
into webs (so tiny)
of confusion

A fabrication
Vivid in my

Do you understand
the value of time?
A question mark
Upside down
is a hook that
holds us in suspense

Don't try to
Comprehend everything
you think it till
there's nothing left
Mystery so beautiful
Can you
Will you
Pass its test

Lost in lies
No, lost in truth
Wicked evil
truth that
seems like lies
But I was there
While Satan
laughed and
Grinned and
I'm still scared

A fabrication
Of intoxication
with procrastination
So vivid in mind
My mind

So stay the
Fuck out
Use your own
My love
Naked with
Purple doves

Fuck you if you
Don't believe in
Purple! PURPLE
Is the fabric of the
Universe. Oops! Oops! I mean
the color of confusion
As I weave
Another lie.

Leif Purple - vocals
Jake Peters - drums
Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion, banjo, kazoo, voice

Recorded April 1998 - January 2008

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