That One Band

lyrics: Leif Purple
music: Jake Lawson, Josh Spurling

The idea is to smoke
until you find a note
Then make it sing
Beautiful intoxication
Classic ritual
Cult of ecstacy

Spacey Magus
Would you have us?
Sitting in a tree?
Craft your wisdom
Kisses welcome
Pretty purple dreams

Gifts of color. Gifts of knowledge.
And many unusual things
Are these gifts for me?
Power met hallucination
Pow! Vivid dark fantasies
Damn! I lost reality

Fitting I've bewitched you
Got into your mind and unstitched you
Silly wishes. Wish to be like you
I think this is way too cool
to be another Haiku
And now my eyes undress you
The wizard has addressed you!

Leif Purple - vocals
Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, keyboard
Jake Lawson - guitar

Recorded April 1998 - February 2007

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