That One Band

DARE TO BE (1:02)
lyrics: Leif Purple
music: Josh Spurling

The light in my bedroom
turned itself off today
leaving only that beautiful
purple glow.
I think it was the
demons and the darkness
working together
embracing me.
I hope not.
That would mean I'm a
dark thing.

So I broke out
a jay and picked
out the seeds
and rolled it up
so perfectly
with skilled hands
a gift to me.
Then I toked it to
a roach.
And I heard
a voice
carry through the air.
"Leif Purple,
if you dare to be."
It becomes so fitting!
Traveling down the
strangest roads.
Dark hippie.

Leif Purple - vocals
Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, keyboard

Recorded April 1998 - June 2001

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