That One Band

lyrics: Leif Purple
music: Josh Spurling

He said write about
this tree stump
so I will as I smoke
Here come dumb buzz

Thick and green
with many hits
and it's deep
Take another toke of this

Rollin' with the
bass up, pounding
High, I write my own hits
Do you like the way I'm sounding?

Riddle making mazes
Puzzles on your faces
My eyes are seeing tracers
and we're cruisin' like
we're crazed, see.

All of this inspired
by the fat joint we just fired
It hits me. Now I'm wired
thanks to the phat joint we retired
It's the only way I see, the only way it could be
Fat joints must retire so we can unclearly think.

Leif Purple - vocals
Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, keyboard

Recorded April 1998 - August 2001

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