That One Band

OCTOBER: "All Hail My Daily Trick-or-Treat" (4:00)
lyrics and music by Josh Spurling

Today I paint my face anew to cover the mistakes that I
once drew. What you see is what you get - this smiling clown,
this marionette. I paint my face for you today. Your eyes of
mine without dull decay. I'll hold you close and soon you'll
forget the love of a man you've never met.

I'll sing you "Twinkle, Twinkle" one more time and hide it
all within a rhyme. So rock-a-bye now, little baby, and close
your eyes.

Your first-grade drawing will hang like a shrine to this
lovely family of mine. The teacher never questioned why the
man had holes where he should have eyes. Latex face and
costume complete. All hail my daily trick-or-treat. But
through the holes will peer no more the man who died before
you were born.

I will be there when you arise

Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, keyboard, vocals, programming
Emily Diamond - additional percussion

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