That One Band

SEPTEMBER: "The Great Fall" (3:08)
lyrics and music by Josh Spurling

You're the apple of your mother's eye. Now shake your stuff
for the pedophiles. Daddy's little princess, 7 years old.
Watch her writhe around a pole. Sweet little Susie shakes
her ass for the crowd. Mom and Dad have never been so proud.

Georgie Porgie, puddin' and bling, taught our little girls
to shake their thing. Sugar and spice and sexy underwear.
We wave our hands in the air like we just don't care. So
Mary had a little lamb, but now she's got a XXX webcam.
Humpty Dumpty might have sat on the wall, but it's our
little girls who had the great fall.

All eyes glued upon the stage. In first grade fishnets are
all the rage. Yesterday - a tea party with Barbie dolls.
Today - a leather mini with a push-up bra. Parade her around
stage like a piece of meat. Grandma and Grandpa got a front
row seat.

Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, vocals, programming
Jake Peters - drums

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