That One Band

MAY: "Your Dead Mother's Home" (4:23)
lyrics and music by Josh Spurling

I walked back into our decaying house. A stench so foul I
had to open all the windows. A stench not only of dog shit
but death. Our own little Love Grave.

Memories on tiptoe with ghostly moan. Like returning to
your dead mother's home. We divvied her world with distrubing
precision. Wiped her life clean.

You pulled at my strings like your dead mother's things,
but this time your puppet wouldn't dance. So you threw
our wedding pictures, and I spat back our vows. Now I'll
watch them both rot in your twisted bedroom dungeon.

"Love is strong as death" read the plaque, but I gave it
back when it showed up in a box at my door. I knew I
wouldn't need it anymore.

I remember when you used to say, "Let me kiss your pain
away." But nobody's lips can make this my home.

I just need to see the FOR SALE sign in the window to
know it was real, like your mother's bloated corpse.
And the notice reads like an obituary. So fitting - our
daughter born into your mother's death - that she and
I should live now in your dead mother's home.

Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, banjo, keyboard, percussion, vocals, programming
Erin Peris - additional vocals

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