That One Band

JUNE: "Born Again" (4:36)
lyrics and music by Josh Spurling

I'm taking all the words back, and don't forget your smack
on the way out the door. I guess it was a whim that made me
stick it in. Add your name, leave your stain. I've seen your
face before. Your clothes are crumpled on my floor. Somewhere
I hear a tolling bell. I tied my finger around a string so
I'd remember everything. My thoughts are drifting back to
Hell. You know it's true - Satan's born again in you!

Tangled in a heap of sleaze, I watch you slither down on
your knees, begging to extract the disease. Smear the lies
across your chin, my little chameleon. Time to change your
skin once again. I lie the witching hour. You're passed out,
stinking drunk with power. I wonder how you justify. Well,
you can stroke your ego when I'm gone because I refuse to
be your pawn. I rip right through your thin disguise.

Now, who are you fucking, bitch?

Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, banjo, vocals, programming

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