That One Band

MARCH: "March of the Morons" (2:31)
lyrics and music by Josh Spurling

The zoo has come to town, and you and I have found a golden
ticket high above the stage. The organs started grinding,
the monkeys stopped minding, and you and I are locked in
their cage. Sing hey! for the idiots. Watch them flail and
squeal. Sing ho! for the morons. The zoo of life, surreal.
But don't forget this much is true - the monkeys are running
the zoo.

The beasts begin their brawling, and you and I start crawling
toward the shadows to escape the smell. We're inching toward
the door until the bastards leave the floor. I know that tune
all too well. Sing hey! for the idiots for they will inherit
the Earth. Sing ho! for the morons.

Who needs a brain when you've got charisma? Just smile and
fling your poo. Fun is only fun at someone else's expense.
And all that matters is you.

Sing hey! for the idiots as they march in a line. Sing ho!
for the morons. Conformity is divine.

Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, vocals, percussion, programming

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