That One Band

DECEMBER: "The Ghost of Christmas Past" (4:11)
lyrics and music by Josh Spurling

Twelve years later I find your face staring back. Seeped
into my bedroom like the ghost of Christmas past. Your
eyes will reprise our story left untold. I rub my wounded
ego as I watch the scene unfold. I'm a burn-out and a cheat.
Won't let you see what's underneath or who I'm destined to
become. And I said - Come and smoke and dance with us
tonight, and watch me feed my fiendish appetite. The night's
insane with possibility. But girls like you don't smoke out,
and they don't dance with boys like me.

While you were hanging the Christmas lights, I caught a
glimpse of paradise. They say only bad girls wear black, and
I can't forget the way that you looked back.

I bet you met Prince Charming at the ball, but happily ever
after ain't so happy after all. As I watch your face flicker
and die from my screen, I pass you on by as you once did to
me. You see that irony has led our path down the same road.
The farmer took a wife, but now the cheese stands alone.
And I guess we'll never know who left the pot in the sink,
but if you could see me now, lord, I wonder what you'd think.

Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, banjo, vocals, programming

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