That One Band

JANUARY: "Josephine McGrew and the Amazing New Year" (3:59)
lyrics and music by Josh Spurling

The air tasted faintly of liquor and sweat, mingled with the
sound of our youth that we'll never forget. Maybe, oh baby,
they'll play our song. Eight years faded. Eight years too long.
Let's dust off our cassette tapes and our vows of forever.
Lured by the sound of real drums, we entered here together.
It's funny how well you click in this drunken pig tomb. It's
funny how I'm more comfortable back in the jazz-colored gloom.
Another one for the lady, and one more thing... Everybody sing!
I did an amazing thing!

The past blares on from dusk 'till dawn. For one final night,
our youth will live on. "Talk Dirty to Me" drones on endlessly.
But will it take you that long to see the ship has sailed for
you and me?

Now it may not seem so amazing to you, but Josephine Daisy O'Hara
McGrew sure ain't the type of bird to be taken lightly. My innocence
in her pocket, though she took it politely. And, sure, there are some
things time can't take away, but you can't beat the dead horse
of yesterday. So maybe I lied, but I justified the means with the
end. Everybody sing: Good riddance!

Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, vocals, banjo, programming
Emily Diamond, Erin Peris, Ciara Raymond - Auld Lang Syne choir

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