That One Band

originally recorded by the Dead Kennedys

I'm tired of self-respect. I can't afford a car. I want
to be a pre-fab superstar. I want to be a tool. Don't
need no soul. Want to make big money playing rock 'n' roll.

I'll make my music boring. I'll play my music slow. I ain't
no artist. I'm a business man. No ideas of my own. I won't
offend or rock the boat. Just sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll.

You'll pay ten bucks to see me on a fifteen foot high stage.
Fat ass bouncers kick the shit out of kids who try to
dance. When my friends say I've lost my guts, I'll laugh
and say that's rock 'n' roll. But there's just one problem...

Is my cock big enough? Is my brain small enough for you
to make me a star? Give me a toot. I'll sell you my soul.
Pull my strings and I'll go far. And when I'm rich and
meet Bob Hope, we'll shoot some golf and shoot some dope.

Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, vocals

Recorded November 1995 - July 2000

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