That One Band

originally recorded by The Offspring

Wrote her off for the tenth time today. Practiced all the
things I would say. She came over, I lost my nerve. I took
her back and made her dessert. I know I'm being used, but
that's okay, man, 'cause I like the abuse. I know she's
playing with me. That's okay 'cause I got no self esteem.

We make plans to go out at night. Wait 'till two, then I
turn out the light. This rejection's got me so low. If she
keeps it up, I just might tell her so.

When she saying, oh, that she wants only me, then I wonder
why she sleeps with my friends. When she's saying, oh, that
I'm like a disease, then I wonder how much more I can spend.
Well, I guess I should stick up for myself, but I really
think it's better this way. The more you suffer, the more
it shows you really care. Right?

Now I'll relate this little bit happens more than I'd like
to admit. Late at night, she knocks on my door. She's
drunk again and looking to score. I know I should say no,
but it's kinda hard when she's ready to go. I may be dumb,
but I'm not a dweeb. I'm just sucker with no self esteem.

Josh Spurling - bass, guitar, drums, vocals

Recorded November 1995 - April 2004

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